Thursday, December 12, 2013

Running and Purging

I now know why birds head south for the winter, as the seventeen degree chill grabs hold of my spine. My sneakers were never meant to be ice - shoes, as my toes pinge on every arctic air current this morning.  Hard to believe there are fools such as I that still run in this type of weather. I am so longing for spring and summer already, and winter has only just begun. Ran five miles, but my toes are hating me right now!

Carving away the things in life that need to be revised. See, I know most of you simply clear out your closets, and while, yes, I do that too, and do that often, not often enough do I clear out my life. Today, I perform the task of clearing, mentally, of all the waste, which I have accumulated. This could very well be summed up by overrated melodrama, created by, you guessed it, other people intrusively stampeding my life with it, to ridiculous worries and obsolete mundane daily withering of things which have no place taking up space in my life, to the broken coffee cup on the kitchen counter I can't seem to throw away. Let the purging begin of obstacles, fears, friends / relationships gone sour, cracked coffee mug, furniture on Craig's list (so I can begin to downsize), clothes to goodwill, old makeup (need new anyway), piles of papers on my desk (not meant for any literary use), emptying my briefcase and purse (of stuff), clearing out my in - box, my out - box, my draft box, my word file (put it all on a flash drive), pictures, photographs, trumpets, foghorns, sirens, longings, needs, wants (kept all the good ones, not necessarily the practical good ones, however) piles of books on my desk, ( they just get organized into a more attractive looking pile), love letters, hate mail, proposals ( business and otherwise), and, oh my gosh, I already feel so much lighter......still time for a blog, a walk, a shower, a manicure, a new dress ( and yes, always buy the shoes too), and, finally, a dinner date with my husband.

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